Our Therapists

Brooke Lee

BHSc – Naturopathy

Brooke Lee  BHSc – Naturopathy Freedom Float CentreBrooke is a qualified Naturopath and Nutritional Medicine practitioner, who brings her love of the natural world into her practice. She is passionate about working with her clients on a one on one basis to come up with individualised treatment plans, developed specifically for her client’s particular needs. Brooke strongly believes in finding and treating the cause of illness and imbalance within the body, rather than just masking the symptoms. Her holistic approach ensures every aspect of the client’s wellbeing is considered, and she is always offering constant support to those on their healing journey.

With years of experience in the natural health industry, Brooke is a wealth of knowledge and loves educating and sharing information with her clients about the best ways to regain and maintain their health naturally.

Contact: 0432 397 583

Dr Steve Payne

BHSc – Acupuncture

Dr Steve Payne  BHSc – AcupunctureSteve is a licenced Chinese Medicine - Acupuncture Practitioner, who has developed a wealth of knowledge through massage, personal training, triathlon coaching and sport. He is passionate about optimizing human performance and mentoring patients to health. Steve believes that more often than not, it is getting to the cause of health issues, not simply masking the symptom that brings about the most sustainable results for quality of life.

Contact: 0467 292 000

Adrian Peterson

Remedial Massage

Adrian Peterson  Remedial Massage Freedom Float Centre

Adrian has been a Remedial Massage therapist for many years and more recently has begun teaching the trade at the Massage Schools of Queensland. Adrian quite simply loves massage more than anything and believes wholeheartedly in its ability to improve everybody’s life.

After years of working in a Physiotherapy clinic and developing a strong anatomical/structural based style of treating he is now looking to explore a more holistic avenue of Massage and finds the Freedom Float Centre to be the perfect complimentary environment.

Adrian’s style is very flowing and nurturing providing a relaxing experience even when firmer pressure is required. He also uses Dry Needles and Cupping when required.

Contact: 0468 924 958

Kylie Wallis

Integrative Remedial Therapist (Remedial Massage / Reiki Master / SCENAR Therapist)

Kylies Bio Pic

Inspiring exceptional health, being of service and reconnecting you to the wellness within is my life purpose & I give thanks each and every day for the opportunity to share in the lives and experiences of others and to have a positive impact on their happiness and wellbeing.

My love for nature has been a part of my being since as long as I can remember… finding the connection between science and spirit in all things has been a life long mission that continues today.

After years of personal study and practice of alternate health methods I moved into anatomy & physiology with the completion of my Fitness Leader’s certificate. Whilst practicing as a Personal Trainer it became apparent to me that true Health & Wellness involved so much more than ‘DOING’ and for individuals to reach their unique state of Health and Happiness a well “BEING’ approach was required… this included rest, relaxation and time ‘in’.

In support of my new found approach to health, I completed a Diploma of Remedial Massage in 2014 and have been working full time as a Massage Therapist ever since.

In 2015 I was Reiki attuned at level 2 and quickly began to include energy healing as a part of my treatments. After seeing the positive impact of combining energy medicine & massage I sought other energetic modalities to compliment my practice and it’s here that the SCENAR device made its appearance in my life and in my treatments… up until this very day it’s the only treatment modality that provides my Mum with relief from the nerve damage she suffers which was caused by shingles.

As an Integrative Remedial Therapist blessed with three powerful complimentary modalities available with every treatment, I am able to assist in healing Body, Mind and Spirit.

Even though I believe that it is possible for a person to make the journey to health alone, I also believe that it should never be the case. We are all connected and I believe we heal through systemic interactions with the whole. It’s only through the care & co-operation of others that we truly thrive.

Contact: 0407 548 395
Website: www.bodysymphonics.com.au
Facebook: Body Symphonics

Sarah Rotheram


Sarah is a qualified Kinesiologist with a passion for complete health and wellbeing. She is passionate about finding individualised treatments for all clients. 

Contact: 0431 388 665
Facebook: Sarah Rotheram Holistic Health

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